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We are offering a marketing solution that is more scalable and extra efficient.

  • Tele-marketing

    Gone are the days when you spend countless hours making calls, chasing after decision-makers who wouldn't even bother talking to you no matter what you do.

  • Email Marketing

    To this day, email marketing has remained one of the most powerful and strategic sales and marketing tool used by businesses worldwide.

  • Social Media Marketing

    These days, the influence of social media on your brand is simply undeniable. It can either make or break you depending how your social media marketing is handled.

  • Pipeline

    The Appointmentsgenerator Pipeline is a multi-touch multi-channel web=based tool integrating the power of a contact center mixed with lead management, campaign tracking and monitor and a marketing automation across all channels.


About Appointment Generators

Appointments Generator provides potential clients by generating interest and setting appointments with your target market. If they qualify according to your specifications, that's the time we set them either phone or office appointment for you and/or your sales team.

We have a number of measures in place to guarantee the quality of conversation out agents engage in. All calls recorded for compliance, documentation, and QA purposes, ensuring proper tracking and accountability. In addition, we have QA specialits and trainers who regularly monitor the quality og agents' calls as well as provide weekly coaching.

As for email communications, we implement specific guidelines for quality and compliance. Email specialists are required to work within the certain threshold for bounce rates,open rates, and reply rates. Emails are strategically executed within the campaign to produce optimum results without sacrificing sender reputation score.


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Industries we offer

We make sure that the inside sales professionals deployed to promote your products and services gain an extensive knowledge and understanding of those products and services in order to represent you with utmost confidence and enthusiasm to your targeted clients.

  • Software Products

    We can generate your quality and qualified sales leads and set appointments.

  • Financial Services

    We design a lead generation and appointment setting program.

  • Merchant Services

    Our merchant department which is specifically created to serve our increasing number of merchant clients

  • Advertising

    It is evident that companies in the advertising industry have different level of requirements set.

  • Logistics

    We customized a b2b marketing initiatives to support the logistic industry.

  • IT & Product Services

    Our vast experiences working with leading IT Products and Services providers have put us on TOP.

  • Manufacturing

    We provide B2B telemarketing services to outsourced manufacturers.

  • Healthcare

    Our research department conducts market research on businesses that could make use of strategies.

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