The Appointmentsgenerator Pipeline is a multi-touch multi-channel web=based tool integrating the power of a contact center mixed with lead management, campaign tracking and monitor and a marketing automation across all channels.

The Appointmentsgenerator Pipeline is your lead management, campaign monitoring, and cross-channel marketing automation tool all in one:

  • • You'll have a robust sales funnel so you can track leads from capture to conversions
  • • Have access to your leads' contact info and history as well as their past communications
  • • Allow you to assign leads to your top sales agents
  • • Have control of your Event Calendar so you can block out dates and times and indicate your availability to set meetings and appointments with clients and be notified accordingly
  • • A map feature so you can easily find your next appointment's location
  • • Monitor call feeds made by your representative
  • • You'll be provided by email reports on a weekly basis to keep you updated on the status of your leads and appointments as well as given recommendations to improve your success rates
  • • Have Email Response Management and Reporting so you'll know every mail that was delivered, opened and replied to. Follow-up calls are also made to those whose emails were opened

Our telemarketing and email campaign integration are fully automated with alarms for open, trigger-based actions, call-and-send, genius send. You'll also be provided with LinkedIn integration in your campaign to boost your visibility online.